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Application Process

The Children’s School primarily serves the children of currently enrolled SSU students

Student families must complete an application indicating the anticipated number of units, family size and gross monthly income. Student applications are processed as spaces become available at the school and prioritized by income eligibility. Upon additional spaces the Children’s School will enroll the children of faculty and staff. Children who are not enrolled will be put on the waitlist until they are offered a space or are no longer eligible due to age. Families on the waitlist may call to check their status each semester. It is recommended to check in after student registration in November and April.  No child will be enrolled for less than two days per week and four hours per day.

  1. Grant Programs: The Children’s School offers enrollment in two programs that provide subsidies from the CA Department of Education and the CA Department of Social Services. These programs are General Child Care, which covers full day child care needs for any age group, and State Preschool, a half-day, five day per week program for children from three to five years of age. Enrollment in either program requires that the parent establish income eligibility.
  2. Pre admission visit and application: Prior to admission, it is recommended that the parent review the virtual tour video to become acquainted with the program, fill out an application and submit through mail or email. Any questions can be directed to the Director or by calling 707-664-2230.
  3. Admission and Orientation: Children are admitted to the program when it is determined that space is available in their age group and that the program is appropriate to their needs. Parents will be notified by phone that their child has been admitted. After admission a mandatory in-take will be scheduled at which time the parent will be given complete information about the Children’s School including policies, procedures, activities, services, hours of operation, and fee structure. An additional classroom visit for the child and parent will be scheduled to provide time to get acquainted with the teacher and make the initial transition into the program easier. 

Here is the application form to complete for services

Document: Updated Children's School App.pdf (121.43 KB)

Once completed email to