We view our school as an extension of each child’s family. As such, we work to develop a genuine partnership with parents. Parent participation and involvement is a significant aspect of our program.

  • Parents are welcomed and strongly encouraged to be a part of their children’s school life through parent participation and daily communication with teachers.
  • There are four family events each year: Children’s School Family Orientation, Harvest Faire, Thankful Feast, and The Goodbye Ceremony. See calendar for exact dates.
  • There is a Family Education Night in the spring focusing on topics that parents are interested in finding more about.
  • Every spring, families honor the entire Children’s School staff with an appreciation day.
  • Family/Teacher Conferences are scheduled in the fall and spring semesters, or by appointment.
  • Ongoing opportunities are available for families and staff to exchange ideas, share information, and learn from each other.

Each May, the Children's School honors the children and families with a Goodbye Ceremony. The event signals the end of the academic year with hellos to children moving from one Children's School environment to another and goodbye to children moving on to kindergarten.

Various family gatherings are provided throughout the year based on the curriculum projects children explore. Invitations will be given for these events.

One of the most favorite traditions at the Children's School is the Thankful Feast. This event takes place the week before the Thanksgiving break and invites families to join in a meal as a way for the Children's School Director, Health and Nutrition Coordinator, Faculty and Student Assistants say thank you to families at the school.