Dandelion Environment


The Dandelion Environment is made up of students 2 to 3 years of age. This classroom is tailored specifically to the needs of the developing toddler, having transitioned from the Rosebuds classroom. The philosophy of Primary Care is continued in the Dandelions classroom, with a teacher assigned to a child to help them through their day. The Dandelions classroom focuses on the independence of the child, encouraging and assisting each child to care for themselves and the environment. The indoor and outdoor classrooms are equipped with developmentally appropriate materials that foster curiosity, creativity, and the development of physical, social, emotional, and cognitive skills. Toddlers are sensory learners and enjoy activities such as water, painting, play dough, and other tactile experiences. They use their whole body in their play, which means they love to climb, run, jump, and push objects around. Toddlers tend to be extremely social beings. They are in the stage of parallel play, but move in groups and enjoy being together. We encourage socialization and work with the children to learn how to be respectful, responsible, and resourceful.